Questions found here.

On with the questions!

1. Who is the oldest?

Zach is the oldest.

2. What do you like and dislike about your sibling(s)?

Zach: +He has a driver’s licence.
He never takes part of my blog posts.

Alex: +He’s really smart so he helps me with a lot of stuff.
He won’t let you have any candy.

Cas: +He’s funny.
He rants. A lot.

Crea: +She’s the sweetest person you will ever meet.
She will unintentionally make you feel guilty because she’s so sweet.

(Psst… It’s Crea) No I won’t.
(Psst… It’s Jonah. Meow.) Yes you will.

3. What do you and your sibling(s) have in common?

Same hair color? Same siblings? Idk, I’d say I have the most in common genetically with Zach (cause we’re biological siblings) but the most in common personality-wise with Cas and the most in common intelligence-wise with Alex (even though he’s like wayyy smarter) and I get along the best with Crea.

Does that even make sense? Idk.

4. Funniest memory?

Any memory with Cas in it will amuse our family for decades. Also, any memory with candy.

5. Most memorable argument?

Once, Cas and Alex got into a major argument about if ghosts exist. Cas won. At least, he thinks he won.

6. What do you and your sibling(s) for fun?

That grammar. Beautiful.

Together? I’m assuming you mean what do we do together for fun. That would be anything. Doesn’t really matter if we actually know how to do it.

7. Describe each other in one word.

Zach: College. Alex: Calculator. Cas: Sugarhigh. Crea: Cinnamon.

8. Have you ever liked one of their friends?

Like, like-like? Idk what you’re talking about.

9. Favorite inside joke?

“Nerd.” “Uneducated water buffalo.”

10. Post/show an earliest photo of you and your sibling(s).

Word art, anyone? No? Just me? Okay.

Found here. Thanks, Google Images.

Lol, graffiti Alex. Found here.

So like, Cas is not a really normal thing, so I had to find something and just roll with it.

Apparently Jonah only exists as word art for the guy who was swallowed by the whale. Gee.

So this is… a store? Idk, bro.

Well, there we have it! The Sibling Tag! And the Sibling Tag needs all five siblings to come full circle, so… *shrug* Crea probably won’t do it until after everyone else does (she does have to draw a family pic), and who knows when that will be?

But headcanons soon!



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