Thank You, Kind TMI-Fandom Soul


So I saw this and I was all just like I need to do this otherwise my life is a fail so…

My comment in (parenthesis).

Clary Fray

  • [x] you are shorter than 5′6 (but I’m a kid so it’s okay)
  • [ ] you are a redhead
  • [ ] you love art (hahaha… um, Cas?)
  • [ ] you have green eyes
  • [ ] your parents are not together (idk how to answer that, so…)
  • [x] you prefer jeans to skirts (what even is this question?)
  • [ ] you are short tempered
  • [ ] you tend to fancy blondes (and this one?)
  • [x] your best friend is male (bye, Felicia)
  • [x] you have been lied to before (is this even for reals)

score: 4

Jace Herondale

  • [ ] you are blonde
  • [x] someone has hurt you in the past (is this for reals too)
  • [ ] you tend to fancy redheads (what is this question again)
  • [x] you’re sarcastic (NOOO WAYYYY)
  • [x] you want/have a motorbike (who doesn’t?)
  • [ ] you are confident (hahaha… no. Cas?)
  • [ ] you are an only child
  • [ ] you know how to use a gun
  • [ ] you are physically strong
  • [x] you are impatient (nah)

score: 4

Alec Lightwood

  • [ ] you have blue eyes
  • [x] you know how to make a pie (I DID NOT MAKE A PIE- oh my god fandom)
  • [ ] you are a serious person
  • [ ] you have tattoos (do temporary tattoos I got at CTY count?)
  • [x] you have a younger sibling (CREAAAAA)
  • [ ] you are an introvert (nope)
  • [x] you keep things bottled up
  • [ ] you are a morning person (are you kidding?)
  • [x] you can use a bow and arrow (I went to archery once)
  • [x] people can misunderstand you (oh, look at that quiet Jonah over there…)

score: 5

Isabelle Lightwood

  • [x] you have brown/black hair (#Asian)
  • [x] you are willing to fight for those you love (god this is so cheesy)
  • [ ] you wear heels (what are these questions again?)
  • [ ] you prefer dresses/skirts to jeans (excuse me?)
  • [x] you have an older sibling (THREE BLOGLESS MUSKETEERS)
  • [x] you like to rebel against authority (loopholes!)
  • [ ] someone close to you has passed away
  • [ ] you are sensitive
  • [ ] there is something in the past you wish you could change
  • [ ] you are bad at cooking (no I am wonderful)

score: 4

Simon Lewis

  • [x] you are a nerd/geek (FANDOM)
  • [x] you can be awkward (REALLY AWKWARD)
  • [ ] you are in love with someone that doesn’t feel the same way (because what are questions)
  • [ ] you like to make puns (that’s Joe’s thing)
  • [x]  you enjoy reading (FANDOM)
  • [ ] you wear glasses (hahaha… um, Crea?)
  • [ ] vampires are your favourite downworlder (warlocks)
  • [ ] you are religious (nope)
  • [x] you prefer comics to magazines (who doesn’t?)
  • [ ] you are part of a band

score: 4

Magnus Bane

  • [ ] you like to be host
  • [ ] you wear make up (because what are questions again?)
  • [x] you believe in magic
  • [x] warlocks are your favourite downworlders (did I not just say that?)
  • [x] you are an extrovert (according to the personality test I just took, yes)
  • [x] you are a night owl (durr)
  • [ ] you have your own place
  • [ ] you are generally a happy person (no I’m generally very angsty and stuff)
  • [x] you are clever (I’m smart)
  • [ ] you have a large group of friends (hahaha… antisocial?)

score: 5

So apparently I’m both Alec and Magnus… I’M AN MALEC LOVECHILD AHAHAAHAHA

Sorry-not-sorry the reference was needed.

-Malec lovechild


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