What Holiday Is On Your Birthday?


These marvelous holidays found on this website. I do not own any of them.

My birthday: Rice Pudding Day, or Book Lovers Day.

Rice Pudding Day actually makes sense (kinda). Rice Pudding is literally the Asian porridge. I know because Alex eats it a lot.

And Book Lovers Day also kinda makes sense. I like books. Some books.

Zach’s birthday: Proof Reading Day, Check Your Batteries Day, Women’s Day, or Peanut Cluster Day.

Well, Zach… proof-reads a lot of stuff for us? Yeah, sure.

He checks a lot of batteries? Yeah, sure as well.

Okay, I can’t say he’s a woman, but- actually, I just can’t say he’s a woman because he might be reading this. Hi Zach.

At least he’s not allergic to peanuts like Cas and Alex are. That fits… right?

Alex’s and Cas’s birthday: Experience Week, Scrabble Day, or Thomas Jefferson Day.

Cas likes trying new things, I guess. So that would be Experience Week for Cas?

Who’s crazy good at Scrabble? Alex is crazy good at Scrabble.

Thomas Jefferson Day? Uh, yeah, sure, makes sense. Alex might be a president one day. He’s responsible.

Crea’s birthday: Sangria Day, Games Day, or Go Caroling Day.

One of these fit. Crea can’t have alcohol (no duh), but she can play games. Also, caroling? Psh.

Happy World Honey Bee Day, Relaxation Day, and International Homeless Animals Day!

P.S. Also now you probably know everyone’s birthday but send me candy and I won’t complain. Okay bye.


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