Most Commonly Used Websites


So, for those who don’t know how this works: you open up your favorite browser, type a letter in, and see what the first suggestion is. Then you list it.

A:, because I’m classy. But mostly because I was using it as a reference for my website during Web Design.

B:, because etymology. It is literally my favorite baby name website and- yeah, I’m kinda an etymology geek. Sorry not sorry.

C:, because Crea. Love you lil sis.

D:, because school seems insistent on me using Drive much more than I probably should (I have to constantly be logging out of and logging back into three accounts). Also because of the apology letter I did on Google Drawings yesterday.

E:, because psych. I’m a nerd, I know.

F: file:///C:/Users/Jonah/Desktop/my_website/index.html, because this is my website from Web Design. You can’t see it though. Unless you’re on my computer, and it’s my computer, so that would be stalkery. Very stalkery.

G:, because how else am I supposed to check my email accounts on my computer? (Yeah, yeah, I know it’s actually, but they both work. So sue me.)

H:, because I need to edit my writing somehow. Hahaha no I don’t edit.

I:, because graphic design, sweetie. I want a t-shirt now. Christmas is coming up, right? (Changed to, but still redirects there, so I’m gonna keep using this one.)

J:, because I’m like so narcissistic and stuff but actually because I need to refresh to check if stuff updated, posts posted, and customization was saved. It’s a hard knock life.

K:, because Crea got me addicted to poetry. I swear I didn’t find it first. I swear.

L:, because sometimes I just need a really nice photo editor. And also because it keeps popping up whenever I search for “make picture [blank] online” so I keep opening it.

M:, because the buddy system.

N:, because apparently one day I decided to open a game website full of games that have to be downloaded onto your computer then read by an app which I didn’t have and so I can’t really play the games or anything but apparently I did. (Renamed as

O:, because the j key on my keyboard likes to stick. But mostly because I started typing before my computer was ready for me to type and it missed the letter j. You can buy it here.

P:, because I used it for a couple of projects. It doesn’t have Waiting for the Sunrise, but it does have Amatic and a couple of others, so I guess I’ll deal.

Q:, because I have to study Spanish somehow. Thanks everybody for making me feel worthless at Scatter.

R:, because I need these randomized numbers in my life. This is how I make decisions. Set min to 1 and max to 2, 1 is yes and 2 is no. Easy.

S:, because once again, thank you school.

T:, because I’m a Google fanatic and obviously my favorite translator is Google translate. Shoutout to Tapastic and tumblr, which I both use all the time, that were both sadly beaten by an online translator. Literally what is my life.

U: a Google search for u, because there was literally just nothing. Shh, you saw nothing. Heard nothing. I am a ninja.

V: vindicated, because I apparently had the need to Google it during the making of the apology letter. Also, none of the sites I go to start with a v. Tells you a lot about me, huh?

W:, because I’m like a hardcore programmer. Lol, jk.

X:, because sometimes all you need is a clever comic to turn your days into sunshine, and I’m lying when I say that because nothing can really turn your days into sunshine; there’s always gonna be some moonlight. Wow either I am amazingly talented at this weird artsy writing or I’m sick. Yeah, definitely sick.

Y:, because where else can I find nigahiga? Or Animator vs Animation? Or funny cat videos? OR MY SANITY AS I HAVE APPEARED TO HAVE LOST IT A WHILE AGO?!

Z: nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Goose eggs. Or at least, no websites that start with z. Some other stuff likes to pop up.

So how was that? Fun to read, I hope? Idk, I’m feeling kinda sick again… Ugh.



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