What Do You Listen to When You Write?


First of all, why this was written: I can’t focus when there’s no noise. The keyboard noises I make when I type help, but I’m not always typing (thanks, writer’s block). So. I listen to things.

It’s mostly just personal preference, but here’s what I listen to:

Spotify, but soft. First of all, when you write, it’s probably gonna be for a while. Don’t kill you ears and become partially deaf.

Also, can you concentrate with the music loud enough to merge with your pulse? Yeah, I did just make that phrase up. Great imagery, Jonah. If you can’t, turn the music down. Seriously. Do yourself a favor.

Alternate between non-vocal music and music with vocals. It will help you focus. Seriously, just trust me.

Also, classical music. For those of you who “hate” classical music, try Souvenirs D’enfance (Richard Clyderman). You will return a changed person.

Online noise generators. My favorite? The rain. All the rains. Sometimes streams, if I’m feeling creative.

For a huge selection of online noise machines, this site here is my favorite. Admittedly, I’ll only ever listen to the rain, but once I tried listening to the jungle. It was unsettling, to say the least.

But this site is perfect if you want to listen to something else every couple of days AND, on top of that, you can change the pitches. Bam.

For more rainy rain noises, try this and this. Heck, try them together!

There’s also this website, which allows you to put sounds together (the background changes color, too, which is just an added feature). 99% of the time, that’s too much work for me, but it is a really cool site.

So yeah. That’s it. Now excuse me while I (possibly) make myself a Tumblr.



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