Soundtrack to My Life Featuring Spotify


You know, putting my Spotify faves on shuffle and listing them. Same old, same old.

Opening credits: Get Lucky – Radio Edit by Daft Punk

Which is kinda amusing? (Mostly because I’m never lucky, but anyways…) But still kinda sets the scene? Dunno. I think it sets the scene pretty well.

Also it’s a cool song. Don’t judge my taste in music. It is literally popular stuff and things I’ve listened to Cas listen to.

Waking up: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – Remastered Version by Eurythmics

I mean, the title kinda makes sense. Cause like sleeping is associated with sweet dreams. But the song? Nah. Not really something I’d wake up to. It’s all -ahem, orchestra speak- viola sound.

Dark chocolate. Again, not something I’d wake up to. I’d fall back asleep.

Falling in love: Heartbeat Song by Kelly Clarkson

If this was a cheesy romance movie, then I could believe this.

Happily, my life is not a cheesy romance movie, so I can’t really say anything else.

Breaking up: CALL ME BABY by EXO

I find this hilarious? Like, if my life was a cheesy romance movie (which it isn’t) and I broke up with someone (which I didn’t because see above point), then the title makes sense, but the fact that the song is K-pop and really upbeat just amuses me.

Good choice, Spotify shuffle thing. And good choice, me for my questionable music tastes.

Getting back together: Cheerleader – Felix Jaehn Remix Radio Edit by OMI

To quote “Falling in love,” if this was a cheesy romance movie, then I could believe this.

Pretty believable.

Wedding: Latch by Disclosure




Look at said question marks. They form a triangle, yes? A triangle has three sides. Three sides make a triangle. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED

Birth of child: Style (Taylor Swift Covers) by Sweet Baby May

Huh, yeah, this sounds kinda funny that there’d be a song about romance when a baby was being born?

I mean, my parents didn’t play romance music when I was born, so maybe that’s why I’m so lame. Yeah, must be that.

Final battle: Fight Song by Rachel Platten

Makes sense. Gonna fight for my final battle.

(They never tell you what kind of battle it is? Is it an actual physical battle, or is it like a battle against illness or disease? The world may never know.)

Death scene: Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

Do I think this is a pretty good song? Yes.

Would I die to this? No.

Actually, this would be a cool song for a death scene if it was a lot slower. Yeah, I’m practical, but I’m also a music nerd. And I think about soundtracks in the most technical musical way.

Funeral song: Elastic Heart by Sia

If I ever die, you guys are all invited to my funeral. I probably won’t be playing Sia though.

Maybe I’ll play some classics. Like Desmond the Moon Bear and Nyan Cat and all of the songs I sign on constant repeat. And when you get bored, I’ll play a recording of me playing Souvenirs D’enfance so y’all’s start crying at how awesome it sounds and how dead I am.

At least, that’s the plan.

End credits: Bright by Echosmith

Yeah, I’d do that. End my whole life to Bright.

This is more suited to my funeral, but we all know what my funeral’s gonna be, so ending credits? Sure.

Jonah wuz here.


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