A Story of Typography (Not Really For Beginners)


Typography is hard.

Being a web design, formatting, aesthetic, and Google Drive font geek (cough cough cough ME) doesn’t make it any easier.

Googling “typography for beginners” doesn’t make it any easier either. Oooh, tongue twister.

Sorry for such a late post, but I’ve been adding bookmarks to my typography collection. Also, I’m lazy, which is kinda an applicable reason for me at any time. If you ever see me write tiny little meow-posts, assume it’s cause I’m lazy/writer’s block.

Yeah. Expect to see my collection of typography bookmarks growing. I might even share a post about them later. Who knows?

Not me.

Is no one going to comment about how I found these two Jonah-who-was-swallowed-by-a-whale images, almost exactly the same except for the typefaces? Also, one of the typefaces is a serif and the other’s sans-serif. Coincidence? I think not.

P.S. I love Kimberly Geswein‘s fonts. That lady is an angel at typefaces.


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