Rainy Day Blanket Book Rec


It may have rained today but I’m not sure mostly because I never stepped outside today, it’s been that kind of day. Because of the lack of actual noticement, which is not a word but is definitely a factor on my rain rubric, the rain today scores a 0.

Sorry, but you can’t get on the leaderboards of rain if I don’t even know you exist.

Unknown rainy days are still rainy days, though, so I shall recommend a blanket book. Yep, it’s book rec time again.

For this day week? century? year?, I recommend the Raven Cycle. Which is actually a series but when have I actually recommended singular books? Rhetorical question, don’t answer it.

It’s a series with four books (the last one isn’t out yet, ah, the horror). And funnily enough, I heard of it before on the interwebs, but I had no idea it was a real book for some reason? (Note to self: find time machine and ask past self why I thought it wasn’t a book.)

So, anyways, it’s a really great book and you should totally read it. Actually, so should I. I have to read faster or else I’ll have to return it to the library.

See ya,



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