Name Puns


First of all, WordPress changed a bunch of its interface, and this is gonna take some getting used to, cause they’re probably not going to change it back.

And now for the dramatic silence where you wonder who “they” are and contemplate the meaning of life while I troll and wonder what I’m doing.

And sulk because there’s an undo feature. Seriously. You know how great it would’ve been to have that earlier?

Next, name puns. These are, quite obviously, puns of the nerd fam’s names. Or rather lack of puns, because my puns are absolute suckiness wrapped up in more suckiness.

I have thought long and hard about these which means I’m just making them all up on the go and I’m excited to share them with you which means I’m kinda worried about what I come up with.

Enjoy. Or just complain about how stupid these are. Either one.


  • joe, nah
  • ionah
  • I owe- nah
  • jonas
  • jonas from the giver
  • jonah who was swallowed by a whale
  • jonah who was swallowed by a large fish
  • jo nae
  • jo nae nae
  • jon ah
  • jon AHHHHHH
  • jonah of arc
  • joan -AHHHH- of arc


  • brother zachariah
  • quack zach quack
  • z, ACK
  • z, AHHHHHHHHHH, keh
  • za cool
  • xe-ach


  • alexander the great
  • alexandra the great
  • alexandria the great
  • alexis the great
  • alexia the great
  • alexander hamilton
  • smart alecks
  • AHHHH, lex
  • AHHHHHH, lex
  • all x
  • all ex-
  • ale x
  • a lex
  • a lecks


  • casper the friendly ghost
  • castaway
  • cast
  • castoff
  • casting
  • castle
  • cass
  • cassandra
  • cassandria
  • castro theater
  • casino
  • ca’s
  • California’s


  • cream
  • ice cream
  • creation
  • creator
  • cream of the crop
  • cream cheese
  • cream cheese frosting
  • creative
  • creative commons
  • creative cloud
  • creed
  • assassin’s creed
  • creatine
  • creatinine
  • creepy
  • cream of mushroom soup
  • kree, uh
  • cree, uh
  • cree, uhhhh
  • cree, uhhhhhhhhh

That was stupid. I took a break to study the constitution, don’t judge.



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