Guess The Person By The Quotes

  • I miss the good old days… of second grade.
  • Like my soul.
  • I’m gonna dieeeeee
  • Just leave me here to die.
  • People are weird, like why do they do all these things?
  • Uh, everyone gossips.
  • No, it’s just that I don’t like people.
  • We’ve been in Core together for all three years. Cool.
  • Uh, you use your brain, maybe?
  • I saw this thing on Tumblr…
  • I like classical music.
  • So there’s this meme I’ve heard and it goes like this: I like scales.
  • We hate peanut butter.
  • Canon in D more like CANNONS IN D AMIRITE
  • You can’t just sing Magnesium. You have to sing Magnesium.
  • I forgot the name of this classical music piece and it really sucks cause I can’t Google it.
  • I’m just a nerd.
  • How does this song go again?
  • Oh wait it’s not the Internet whoops.
  • Team flip phone, woop woop.
  • Can I even spell
  • Gosh darnit!
  • WOAH- language.
  • Ugh, I used the super secret hiccup resolver and I still have hiccups.
  • I used my super awesome stalker skills, duh.
  • Chocolate cookies are the best.
  • Can I have an Asian bunny?
  • I’ll be there at your wedding. If you get married, that is.
  • Did you hit the sack?
  • No, he’s not high. Thanks for asking.
  • Rawr
  • Ah yes, free food.
  • I’m going to the seventeenth level of eternal damnation.

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