Dear Peanut Butter,


Ew, gross. No one likes peanut butter.

You suck. Nutella is wayyy better. Because you’re made out of peanuts (maybe? I’m not even sure) and butter (possibly?) and Nutella has chocolate in it, and hazelnuts, and-

Nutella’s just way better than you in every way.

Now, don’t feel sad. I don’t hate you except that I do. It’s more to do with the fact that Nutella is way better than you and you should stop trying to be my favorite (??? what is this called?).

Also, you have so many brands that I don’t know which one to choose from at least, I wouldn’t, if I actually liked peanut butter.

At least you’re better than cheese. Or Vegemite (which I have never had, but it’s rumored to be kinda gross).

Your most-enthusiastic hater,

Nutella Lover


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