Grisha AU


So, all my books came and I was all just like, “sweet!” Because it’s almost Thanksgiving break and I can probably read until the world ends.

I was reading Six of Crows (and  I’ve never read any of the other books in the Grisha series, so sorry) and it piqued the question of Grisha. Like seriously, what?

So I did some Googling and reached the list of Grisha types. And then, being me, I thought: what would I be if I was a Grisha?

Hence, this entire thing was created. Off of the top of my head, so it might be utterly incomprehensible. Whatever.


Zach: Heartrender

Crea: Healer


Cas: Squaller

Sky: Inferni

Jonah: Tidemaker


Dixon: Durast

Alex: Alkemi

Yeah, that’s it. I’m gonna go back to reading my books.

Jonah wuz here.


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