Happy Thanksgiving!*


It’s Thanksgiving! And we all know what that means:

New Google Doodle, Christmas songs on the radio, and early-bird Black Friday sales.

Okay, yeah. Thanksgiving is by far, not one of my favorite holidays, mostly because of what it stands for and because I don’t really like Thanksgiving food that much. That website annoys me though because it’s kinda glitchy and easy to mess around with.

If someone can make me a holiday where you get to eat junk food for the entire day and do absolutely nothing, sign me up. That would be an awesome holiday.

So, yeah. Have fun eating your turkey and gravy and mashed potatoes. I’ll be listening to Christmas songs in preparation for an actual holiday.

*The following post is not attempting to belittle America’s love for this holiday. It is merely an expression of my disdain for this so-called holiday. Have a nice day.

P.S. All images above belong to their respective owners.


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