The Legacy of Six of Crows Continues


I’m still not really over Six of Crows, so thank god for all the SoC aesthetics running around on Tumblr because they’re making me happier than the book did. WHY WOULD YOU END A BOOK IN A CLIFFHANGER JESUS

Lemme just… be a little more emotionally impaired because of this book.

On a side note, I finished Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (the graphic novel which was done by the one and only Cassandra Jean oh my god she’s amazing I love her art) and it was good. It just felt like it was really short, though.

I read the actual book, but I wasn’t really a big fan. It was a good book, but just not one that I would reread if I wanted to, you know? I liked the graphic novel better.

Back to Six of Crows, I especially like this “who to fight” SoC edition, and the four million kruge comic.

And… gosh. Just check out the search.


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