Dialectical Journals from Jonasville, Givertown


For someone who almost shares the same name as the main character in the Giver, it’s a really annoying book.

It’s not that the Giver itself is an annoying book. It’s the fact that dialectical journals exist and I have to do them.

For those of you who don’t know what dialectical journals are, you’re lucky.

For those of you who’ve just Googled dialectical journals, don’t bother. The dialectical journals we do are super “high analysis” and “extremely thoughtful” and so are really, really long.

The Giver’s an Alex-Crea book. I like it a lot personally.

Although Jonas and I share almost the same name, in Jonahville, everyone is stressing about homework and finals. In Jonasville, everyone’s getting ironically chastised for an unintentional lie with another unintentional lie and carrying their not-really younger brothers up snowy hills.

Time to study for finals, now that I’m done.


P.S. Today’s Google Doodle is awesome. Not hard enough for my inner music nerd, though.

Happy birthday, Beethoven. Even though your music annoys me to no end because it’s so hard. I hope the orchestra will do you proud with Opus 9 tomorrow.


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