Hello from Mexico


Hey! So I know I said I’d be on hiatus, but free Wifi trumps lol Donald Trump all. Woo!

Anyways, the Wifi is super slow and yeah.

I woke up at like 4, and it was horrible. Honestly, really horrible. And then I got on the plane and alternated between playing Crossy Road, getting the Nerd Fam to play Crossy Road with me, and sleeping.

So much Crossy Road. I love Crossy Road. It’s awesome.

I also watched the free trailers and previews for a bunch of movies because they were free. I used my headphones.

So now I’m in the hotel in Mexico. I just went to the beach and the swimming pool, and got covered in sand. So of course I took a shower, and after that, I went to the gift store because tomorrow’s Crea’s birthday. Don’t tell.

Now I’m chilling.

Well, not really, cause Cas is mad that I stole his smoothie. And now he’s trying to get his revenge by whacking me with a pillow.

The pillow is really soft. 10/10 pillow.



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