Jonah “Talks”: Harry Potter Houses



Truer words hashtags have never been spoken.

So I did some magic limbo mimbo and apparently I’ve never talked about the Harry Potter series.

Let the following evidence provide: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Anyways, I’m going to focus on characterization of houses. Which is my fancy way of saying that CEDRIC DIGGORY DIDN’T DIE FOR ALL THE GOOD HARRY POTTER MERCH TO BE GRYFFINDOR AND SLYTHERIN.

That’s straight from Tumblr, like always.

Seriously though

So now we’ll talk about how much I love Ravenclaw and inter-house friendships and ignore the fact that this is supposed to be a book review because sorry, but it’s been way too long since I read a Harry Potter book. I’m borrowing another from the library, but until it gets here, I’m surviving on Tumblr’s Harry Potter stash.

Did you know the original title of this was “Slightly Serious Book Reviews: Harry Potter” and it’s now just me talking about houses and the Sorting Hat and things like that??? I changed my mind.

So first I’m going to talk about the Sorting Hat.

A hat that can legit sift through your mind just because it’s sitting on your head? Sign me up. I want one.

Also, you can talk to the Sorting Hat and ask it for a different house? You can pull a Neville and argue with it?


There’s the “don’t judge a book by its cover” vibe going around the Sorting Hat as well, but I think that’s kinda obvious.

The Sorting Hat is forever my favorite character don’t even ask I’m not okay

Anyways, I love Ravenclaw. Yes. Favorite house. Sign me up.

And I love Hufflepuff because their name is adorable I think the whole concept of accepting everyone into your house is the best thing. They’re eleven year olds, jeez.

I like Gryffindor because the entire series is set in Gryffindor so there’s no way you could really hate them unless you do. And I like Slytherin because everyone thinks they’re evil, but are they really evil? Who knows, not me.

I’m really scatterbrained right now. So to conclude, Sorting Hat is awesome, Ravenclaw is awesome, Hufflepuff is awesome, Gryffindor is awesome, and Slytherin is awesome. Spread the love.

Jonah wuz here.


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