Monarch Butterflies Rule (Geddit?)


So, today’s Google Doodle is adorable and beautiful and everything that’s right with the world, as usual. I think it’s a secret law that all Google Doodles have to be beautiful.

Anyways, monarch butterflies are probably my first or second favorite type of butterflies (either before or after blue morpho butterflies). Mostly because they eat this plant that’s poisonous to basically a bunch of other animals and because they migrate every year, but also because ermehgerd they’re so adorable.

Also their name literally means ruler butterfly. Queen and king butterfly.

Okay apparently there’s a species of butterfly called the queen butterfly and there’s a species called the king butterfly and also there’s this TV show where two characters are called Queen and King Butterfly.

Yes, oyamel trees with monarchs on them are real. And also super cool. Imagine walking in a forest and being like, “hey, these trees have really weird looking orange leaves” and bam those leaves are actually butterflies. Just imagine.

Monarch butterfly caterpillars are just so adorable. They’re stripey. They have tiny little legs. They have antennae on both sides of their chubby little bodies. So smol. So cute. So precious.

Anyways, I have a project to do and a headache to match. Ugh.

Pic found here. I like monarch butterflies.

P.S. What does one do for a project about the Giver? I’m going to find out. Soon. Later. Whatever.


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