Upon Seeing Yesterday’s Aesthetics





zach: What

zach: Jonah

zach: Just… what

zach: Are you okay? Do I have to take you to the doctor?




jonah: Why?

zach: That picture is really disturbing.

jonah: Which one?

zach: The first Hansel and Gretel one.

jonah: Oh

jonah: Do you like it?

jonah: It reminded me of you.




zach: How does-

zach: You know what, never mind.

zach: Do whatever you do.

alex: Why are the goats people?

jonah: Dunno

jonah: Ask the artist


alex: That’s not how the story goes.



cas: also in the first one is that little red riding hood a boy or a girl cause i can’t tell k thanks bye

jonah: Dunno

jonah: Ask the artist

cas: DUDE


jonah: Cause it’s the truth

cas: The truth will set you freeeeeee

jonah: Freeeeee

cas: Freeeeeeee

jonah: Freeeeeeeeeee

cas: Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

jonah: Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

cas: Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

zach: What the heck

crea: Is that Tangled concept art?

jonah: I actually know the answer this time

jonah: Yes

crea: Cool.

crea: Kinda dark for Tangled.

jonah: I know right? I was trying to find something cartoony and Rapunzel for yours but the closest thing I could find was Tangled, so I went with that. And I wanted it to be a long, panorama-ish picture and a smaller picture, so it would match mine and it would be like a super secret inside joke which I just let out, but the only long panorama picture I could find was that one of Rapunzel at night, so I used it. And I also wanted a picture that showed how long Rapunzel’s hair is, cause that’s a major part of the story, so I decided to use that pic.

crea: Yeah, that makes sense. There’s not a lot of long horizontal pictures for Rapunzel, probably because she lives in a tower and towers are vertical and long, not horizontal and long. But I appreciate the thought, and also the ode to Punzie’s hair. You know, I always think of Rapunzel as the girl from the traditional Rapunzel fairy tale, and Punzie as the Rapunzel from Tangled. Kinda like the name-personality match thing.

jonah: Oh yeah, I hate when the names and personalities don’t match.

crea: Yeah, you’ve told me. Didn’t you once return a book because you hated the main character’s name?

jonah: That was a super extreme case. But yeah, I’d totally do that.

jonah: To conclude,

jonah: Yes.

jonah: To conclude more conclusionally,

jonah: Zach never cares, Alex is nitpicky, Cas is crazy, and Crea’s the only one who knows how to understand aesthetics, design, fairy tales, and the name match thingy.

jonah: And I’m tired.


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