This Project Is Sucking Out My Soul


Never mind, app store. Don’t fight me. Please don’t fight me.

It has been a very long day and I’m on six out of nine. Which sounds like a lot but is definitely not a lot because proofreading.

Proofreading sucks. But we all knew that already.

And it is really, really, really hard to pack every detail from Chapter 12 into three apps and six reviews. It is really hard.

Anyways, I was kinda curious, so I checked earlier today: I have 63 pages worth of posts on the home page. Which is really a lot.

But I did hit 200 posts a long, long, long time ago, so…

A year isn’t that long but it still kinda is. I mean, Crea just hit 200 posts a couple days ago.

Btw congrats Crea. I know I said this before. YOU’RE ALL GROWN UP AND READY TO TAKE DOWN A THOUSAND POSTS AWWW

And yeah. Time to get back to work.



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