“Your Face” Oh My God That’s So Rude I Died


What did I tell you? Martin Luther King Jr. Doodle. I predicted it.

Shut up, Cas. I totally predicted it. Yeah, so there’s been one every year. So what? I still predicted it.

I also predict that tomorrow is Sophie Taeuber-Arp’s 127th Birthday, but not in America. Okay, this time I did check the website. Fight me.

I fought the app store for the third time… and I won. Yay.

And to the TOC, we’ve got another brilliant and mature message from another brilliant and mature person. “Your face” it says. “The enemy of orchestra” is the name.

It’s nice they spent the time on us to translate into four more languages. How sweet. And it’s also nice that they apparently got a pay raise from theirself not a word but don’t judge and renamed themself also not a word but you’re still judging anyways into something more appropriate.

Yes, you are totally our number one enemy. I’m feeling weak already.



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