Lord Pickles Has a Blog!



I really have no idea what’s up with her title. Since when is she the bubblegumwhiz? Idk, bro. Idk.

And her theme is Nucleare.

Mine is Writr. It’s better because it’s name is so much cleverer.

Seriously though, it just looks like Nucleare stole the e from Writr put it on its end. It does, right?

I’ve tried Nucleare before, mainly because it was the other theme that comes up when you search for blue.

I didn’t really like it, because 1. not my style, 2. too ordinary, and 3. the title font. It’s a serif.

Those of you who know my weirdo design preferences know that I basically hate serifs. Well, hate is a strong word, and I don’t really hate them. I just find them harder to work with. While they can work when they’re paired correctly and when they actually look good, although that’s really just subjective, I usually prefer the sans-serifs.

Which is why I changed my font to Open Sans. But that’s not important.

Also, I don’t like the kerning for Nucleare’s title font. It makes me feel squished.

I kinda prefer big, bold, and down-to-earth when it comes to coloring choices. I like one main color (turquoise, in my case), and black and white and shades of gray, with the latter being of similar tone to the main color. That doesn’t really relate, but I like more charcoal grays and less lighty whities.

Which doesn’t really happen on my blog because I also hate anything other than black on white text. Or really dark gray text on a really light gray background. Doesn’t matter, as long as it basically sticks to that.

And I love widget columns. Love ’em. But they have to be on the left, not the right, and I like them well-defined.

And while I like fancy header bars and fancy search lightboxes, I can’t see them meshing with my other preferences. Because, you know, you can’t have a widget column and a header without clash.

Anyways, this started off as a post about Lord Pickles’s blog and ended up as a thoughtful analysis of my theme preference. I’m always exactly on topic.

-Jonah out-


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