Today’s Google Doodle = amaze.

Yes, I did win the game. It took me like seven tries, three of which were during Core because we had a sub and I really did not want to work on my Giver essay Jonas you suck, I’m so bad at games OTL So I guess that makes me the hottest?

Anyways, happy birthday, Wilbur Scoville! Is it ironic that Raisin Bran’s birthday is tomorrow no I’m not a creep I just interviewed him in the beginning of the year in Spanish it’s not weird at all

The idea for this Doodle is absolutely awesomesauce, and the execution managed to live up to those high standards.

Insert a break in time because I was going to do my Spanish homework but I decided not to because nahhh

So, yeah. Have fun playing the Doodle!


P.S. It rained today.

P.P.S. I really really really don’t want to do my Spanish homework someone help me do it for me


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