Giver Essay Why You So Giver Essay


Huh. For a book that was annoyingly endearing oh my god the ending that was the worst WHAT HAPPENED LOIS LOWRY TELL MEEEE and had a main character with the name of Jonas, the essay was hard to write.

Not because it was hard, but because I kept getting distracted I couldn’t think of anything that I should write.

Well, it was also hard. Statements of theme are hard. Choosing a topic is hard. Thesis statements are hard. Finding quotes when you don’t really know what you want but have an idea is hard. But the actual writing part? Not as hard as I expected.

So it’s five pages long and about as interesting as burnt bread. And I don’t even know why I said that because even I’m not sure if I’m trying to say it’s interesting or not interesting. I don’t even know. Burnt bread can be interesting? Or not? Idk, bruh, idk.

I sound like Cas. I should stop hanging out with him. He’s a big nerd. Don’t let him tell you otherwise.

The evidence points to it, Cas. Don’t be a liar.

Five! Pages! Long! May I point that out?

It is double-spaced though. I hate double spacing. I just hate it. Give me 1.15 spacing all day, everyday.

I’d be such a bad Core teacher.

Jonah wuz here.


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