Welcome Back to Animal Jam!


So it’s been forever half a year since I’ve played Animal Jam.

And I forgot my password. Then I forgot which email I used to register my account with. But never fear! I reset my password.

Yep, everything is pretty much the same. There’s still a carnival, for some reason, but there’s a Chinese New Year party.

It’s for monkeys only though, and I’m a seal. That’s unfair. Let all the Chinese people go to Chinese New Year parties.

I’m actually going to a legit Chinese New Year party this weekend. Ironic.

Or not really because I don’t think that’s how irony works, Jonah. Stop talking to yourself.

And as usual, it’s super laggy. But the music is really nice.

Now I’m playing the Valentine card delivering game. And it’s the laggiest of the laggers.



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