All Time Low


I’ve just reached an all time low.

So I was reaching for a magnet on the fridge Cas has way too many of them and he insists on putting them on the fridge for whatever reason because it was kinda lopsided everything else was in line and it was just NOT and that was the worst and it wasn’t a really strong magnet, so I accidentally knocked it off the fridge.

In a desperate struggle to grab the magnet before it hit the ground because then I’d have to pick it up which is 1. ughhh and 2. my thighs are so sore, I accidentally slapped the fridge.

Hard. I slapped it hard.

It hurt a lot. There are no words to describe the pain I felt unless you go slap a refrigerator right now- then you’ll know. It hurt.

Then I started crying.

So, just so you know, my life has reached the point where I slap refrigerators and start crying. I’ve reached my all time low.


P.S. I wasn’t going to write this today, but it was just too good of a story. And now my hand is having its drama queen boiling swelling thing reaction and getting really hot.


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