Chinese Zodiac is Confuzzling


Chinese New Year Doodle on point! Happy year of the monkey!

It’s a fire monkey this year. I’m actually a water horse, and so are Cas and Alex. And Crea’s a water goat, and Zach’s a fire ox.

But with the fixed elements, Cas, Alex, and I are fire, and Crea and Zach are earth. Which I think is kinda funny because fire and water are opposites, and yet here Cas, Alex, and I all are water horses with a fixed element of fire.

Of course, with the Chinese zodiac, nothing is really that simple. There are generating interactions and overcoming interactions and- yeah, just read this.

But then if we go by birth date, not birth year, I’m a metal monkey which brings me way closer to this year’s Chinese New Year Doodle, Cas and Alex are earth dragons which is super cool oh my god I really wanted to be a dragon when I was little it’s not fair 2000 kids have it awesome, Crea’s a water rat, and Zach’s a wood rabbit.

If you want to read more about the Chinese zodiac because you find it mind numbingly interesting, here’s a website. Chinese zodiac stuff is kinda confusing, but it’s still pretty interesting. It’s more horoscope than personality typing, but that’s okay. I like both.

And… yeah. You know that enrichment I worked so hard on? It’s not due.

I’ll probably use it for next unit’s enrichment. I just have to ask if Jackson is covered in the next unit too, cause I honestly have no idea.

My review’s done. Now all I have to do is study it.


P.S. Thank you math class for giving the quiz on chapter 9 the very first day we get back from break. Now I have to study over break. Yay.


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