No School No Nothing


It’s a Friday and there’s no school, cause it’s a teacher work day.

This is the kind of quality content I want to see during more school days.

The only downside is my math homework. Which includes 60 more minutes of Khan Academy.

Does Algebra Basics count for LearnStorm? I really hope so because it’s super easy and it would be great if it did.

Okay, I think it does. Good. I almost mastered the entire Algebra Basics. It’s that easy.

Yep. It’s almost but technically already because I have today off Spring Break. And I’m being lazy because it’s Spring Break.

By the way, did I tell you how much I hate the new WordPress update? Get your italics together, whatever font this is. Go home.

Also, this is just unreadable. What the heck. Le heck. My only response.

Any book recs? I really want to read some books, but I don’t know any.

Okay, I have to go practice piano now. Yay.



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