The Death Waltz Owns My Life


Okay so story time I just heard of the Death Waltz and oh my god oh my god oh my god

Here’s what it sounds like it’s a MIDI because I don’t think anyone can actually play the Death Waltz wow

Literally look at the sheet music

Yes, I understand I am no longer using periods but the shock at finding the Death Waltz far outnumbers my use for periods so screw that I am really confused about how I feel about this

The added instructions though

“release the penguins”

“insert peanuts”

“crescendo… or not”


This really is a piece of art

So amazing I am so amazed wow wow wow

Can anyone even play this idk

It is my life’s goal to be able to play the Death Waltz literally HOW one day, one day I will play the Death Waltz I WILL BE VICTORIOUS



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