Happy Singles Awareness Day!


Or S.A.D., for short. Because it’s sad… geddit? Geddit? GEDDIT? 

No? Okay. Fine. That’s not even the point. I have no idea what I’m doing here. Why, Jonah, why. Why are you talking to yourself now why


alex: Thanks.


cas: so who’s ready for the candy sales tomorrow

jonah: meeeeee

cas: me too

sky: ME THREE!







sky: cause like, me too, me two, me three?

cas: yeah

cas: it’s just… not funny

sky: rude


cas: so anyways

cas: this is me

alex: What is you?

cas: this pug

alex: Uh… sure.

zach: I’m pretty sure you’re not a dog.

jonah: Ooh poetry

crea: It’s like an anti-limerick.

jonah: But not as hardcore as some of those anti-limericks

jonah: Like the beard one

crea: You mean this one?

crea: “There was an old man with a beard,
A funny old man with a beard
He had a big beard
A great big old beard
That amusing old man with a beard.”

jonah: Yeah

jonah: It’s hardcore

crea: True.

crea: If you really wanted to make the pug poem into a limerick though…

crea: “She put no stock into Valentine’s, say:
it seemed more work than play;
but she had plans
(made with her own two hands)
for Half-Price Candy Day.”

jonah: Nice

jonah: But the feet are still a little off

jonah: “She once tried for Valentine’s, say:
it seemed more work than play, okay;
but she had her plans
(made with her own hands)
for that sweet Half-Price Candy Day.”

crea: The stress is kinda off.

crea: “She once tried for Valentine’s Day,
it seemed more work over play, ‘kay;
but had plans did she
(from all of her glee)
for sweet Half-Price Candy, oh yay.”

jonah: Yeah, that works

jonah: Stress is really hard to get right, though

crea: I know, right? I have to Google the word and look at the stress sounds.

jonah: Dude, I should do that more often

jonah: It would help a lot

sky: Are they still talking about poetry?

cas: Yeah

cas: Let’s get out of here

cas: They’re all neeerrrrdddsss


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