Nerd Fam As We Bare Bears Bears


So… I just got obsessed with We Bare Bears. It’s amazing. I love it.

Now, for the Nerd Fam as bears. There are three bears and six including Sky Nerd Fam members, which means… I can’t math.

Which means two people per bear. Let’s go.

Cas and Sky are Grizz, because they’re both crazy. And also because I don’t know they were both in leadership and Grizz is the leader. There. Close enough.

Crea and I are Panda because we’re both nerds and get too worked up about things and are obsessed with the Internet. Did I mention that we’re nerds cause we are really big nerds okay bye

Which leaves Zach and Alex as Ice Bear. For obvious reasons. They both live in the refrigerator and get possessed by crabs. They own ninja stars and talk in the third person.

Are you obsessed with We Bare Bears? Well, you should be.

~Jonah/Panda out.~

P.S. I have a feeling Gummy Bear would love this show. I have a feeling that everyone would also love this show. Go watch it. I love it so much.


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