Back to School… Again


Do I want to go back to school? No.

Do I wish there were SLCT days next week? Yes.

Do I really just want to watch We Bare Bears forever? Yes.

So it’s that time of the year again. Christmas The end of February break.

I had to go to the school website and look at the calendar to remember what the break was called, so it would sound more dramatic. So much hard work.

The title for the page-long calendar is in Papyrus. I hate Papyrus, like the rest of the world, because I am sane-minded individual who kinda understands what constitutes as a good typeface.

Yes, it is once again time to go back to the dreary land known as “school” for a long, long, long repetition is key time. Goodbye, waking up super late and being on the Internet until super late. Hello, waking up super early and doing homework for the rest of the day.

Well, it’s not goodbye to being up really late. I’ll probably still be doing that because homework.

Jonah wuz here.


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