Jonah’s Life Hacks #2


So. First day of school wasn’t so bad. But you know what sucks?

That’s right. Homework.

So it’s time for some more handy dandy life hacks. These usually work for me. See if they work for you too.

Do your online homework last, in case you get distracted by the Internet. I know, I know. You are an efficient individual who never gets distracted. Do this anyways. Objects in rest tend to stay in rest I’m a nerd, so you won’t want to get up. Whatever.

Also, do as much homework as possible during school time, especially if there are materials at school that you need for your homework.

And finally, my favorite tip of all time: if you can get away with it, answer all the answers wrong on completion-based homework. Then correct the answers in class.

And this goes unsaid, but always take out your calculator before math homework. It just makes everything so much easier.


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