I Released A New Book*


No school no

A book by Jonah. Prequel to Jonah’s debut novel and number one bestseller in the United States and North Korea, No no no: the ultimate no. 

Buy it now on Amazon for a million dollars and two cents, or download an illegal, pirated copy of it online from some shady website and destroy your computer with viruses. Your choice.

Donations not required, but strongly suggested and accepted nonetheless. Make checks payable to Jonah’s College Fund.

*Warning: Book does not actually exist, if you weren’t sure. However, it will be coming out on February 30th, 2016 for a one-day special sale, when you may actually buy it on Amazon.

*More warnings: Do not buy this book.

*Even more warnings: But do donate money to Jonah’s College Fund. Or just buy Jonah cookies. Either is fine.


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