Come for the YouTube Rec, Stay for the Rambling and Strikethroughs


TED-Ed has so many riddles, and they’re all super good. I’m watching them all right now.

I don’t actually watch them to solve them because I’m lazy really you don’t even have to ask everyone knows, I watch them for the explanations so I can ask other people them later in life.

Curse you, Alex, for being so good at riddles.

It’s not fair.

So it’s actually not raining today I feel like a weatherman I’ve been talking about rain for the last two days and now today but it will later, around five. Which is enough time to get Lord Pickles’s birthday present shh, don’t tell.

I originally wrote “time enough” instead of “enough time.” Which I guess makes sense for ye olden day English. I’m a time traveler.

Do you ever just feel like you have too many tabs but you need them but you want to close them all because it’s messy as heck? Me too.

Not-so-corollary to the above statement: Do you ever feel like you use strikethrough so much that you want to strikethrough on a strikethrough to use a strikethrough-like point on another strikethrough-like point but you can’t but the world needs more strikethrough?

Yeah, that’s me. Strikethroughception.

Keyboard shortcuts annoy me. I keep accidentally pressing them and then random stuff opens up and I’m just like no I just wanted a capital s oh my god stop.

That was super off topic but I couldn’t use any more strikethrough for it I think I’m obsessed.

Anyways, to sum this all up: I have no idea what’s going on and you shouldn’t either because that’s just creepy.



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