No Post Tomorrow :( Sorry


Ah, yes. It’s Friday again.

Rain rain rain. Rain. Rain rain rain raiinnnnn. RAIN.

That was my weather forecast of the week, just so you know. I’ve been told I’d make a great weather anchor.

And tomorrow I will be at Skywalker. So no post tomorrow. Sorry.

I have to wake up at like five I am so disappointed in how early it is and also at my ability to spell disappointed.

So I have a biography poem to do in Core and it’s about Alexander the Great (not Alex, Alexander the Great) because he’s actually a pretty cool guy. But first I have to write his biography so Wikipedia save me.

And I have like seventy million tabs open right now. Half are Buzzfeed, two are relevant, and the rest are just tabs I can’t get rid of until I’m done with but I’m not done with them.



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