Green, Green, and More Green


So yesterday I was super tired I saw something that said Annual Blossom Festival and I thought it said Annual Blossom Funeral, that’s how tired I was, and I totally forgot that:

Ooh look I used a colon flashback to punctuation chart in poetry

a) it was Saint Patrick’s day

and b) corollary to the above, but more important that there was a Google Doodle.

I apologize to my subscribers that makes it sound like YouTube. This is not YouTube, this is WordPress. also, I spelled subscribers wrong at first, so I’m still pretty tired for not doing the Saint Patrick’s day Google Doodle on the day of the Saint Patrick’s day Google Doodle. It that makes any sense.

Just so you know, I never link to the Google homepage on the day of a Google Doodle. It’s always the actual Google Doodle page, in case you read the post a day later or something.

Also, I think there’s a bug on the Google Doodle page. Using the arrows, ICC – Pakistan v Bangladesh, Caroline Herschel’s 266th Birthday, and the 80th Anniversary of the Kasprowy Wierch cableway launch Doodles are all stuck in a loop.

Also, now might be a good time to say how many beautiful Doodles I’ve missed because I live in the U.S. Kasprowy Wierch is really pretty.

Now, for my review of the St. Patrick’s Day Doodle.

I like the animation, all in all. I really love how much the clover dances around. And the l turning into a clover at the beginning and the end is clever, even if I didn’t really like it at first.

I really just wish there were more shades of green, as it’s very monochrome, and I am a sucker for color. Also, the rings of color when the green fades out is kinda distracting to me, but I’m not sure how I’d want that if I made the Doodle.

Great animation and the loop is on point, as always. But I’ll have to say that 2013 was my favorite year for a St. Patrick’s Doodle.

For the other green: I’ve gotten really obsessed with this game called Make It Rain recently. So much so that I’m playing it right now as I write this. I have 100 billion dollars, which is a lot in real money, but actually, in game, it’s not that much.

I’m trying to get to 600 billion so I can buy a Flash Crash.



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