Jonah’s Music Tag


Happy Easter! Even though there’s no Google Doodle. I’ll live.

Anyways, yesterday I did a music tag I googled them and apparently that’s what they’re called thank you depths of the Internet. And now I have decided that I’m going to write my own music tag, since there were a bunch of questions I thought of that would be good for a music tag while I was doing that music tag.

Confusing? Yes. Don’t worry; you’ll live.

  • A song you didn’t like at first but now you do
  • A song you are sick of
  • A song you know all the lyrics to
  • The first song recommended to you by a friend
  • The song currently stuck in your head
  • A song you always skip
  • A song you always loop
  • A song with your name in the title
  • A song that sums up your relationship with your siblings
  • A song that reminds you of your favorite color
  • The only song you like from a certain artist
  • A song that annoys everyone except you
  • A song with a music video you really, really like
  • A song with a music video you really, really hate
  • Your favorite song made by more than one artist
  • A song with an uncommon character (e.g. Ø) in its title
  • A song featured in a popular movie
  • A song that reminds you of a book of your choice
  • A song you should listen to with headphones
  • A song in which the first experience you had with it was seeing the lyrics quoted somewhere else
  • A song about rebellion and revolution
  • One of the more unpopular songs of a popular artist that you really like
  • A song you have on a CD
  • A song you found from someone else’s playlist
  • A song that has questionable lyrics but is really catchy
  • A song you don’t want anyone other than yourself to listen to
  • A song that romanticizes something
  • An edited, radio edition, or remixed song
  • A classical song that you have either heard played before in real life or have played before
  • A song that is your aesthetic

Yeah, that’s it. If you want to do this, please give me a link of the finished thing so I can read it and be really excited about you.


P.S. I have so much anxiety over tomorrow. Assigned groups in core for poetry whose idea was it to make assigned groups for sharing things I’m shaking, then tennis match and I don’t even know what time I have to leave and also I’m going to miss some history for that, and there’s a math test Tuesday and agh.


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