I Will Now Talk To Myself


It’s a magic trick.

The Internet here sucks.

I live here.

Science homework? Check.

Math homework? No math homework, happily. But check PowerSchool for that test score.

Spanish homework? I tried finding all the verbs, but I didn’t get all of them on the back. We’ll correct it in class anyways.

Core homework? No history homework, but for poetry, I reprinted Ode to the Ankles and also printed out a cover page. Except I have to draw illustrations, so… not done yet. I’ll do it at tomorrow’s match.

Anxiety, help yourself to all the anxiety you can muster for tomorrow. I’m gonna crash anyways.

Tomorrow after school I’ll go to the library with Kit-Kat and then at 2:30 ish we’ll go outside and wait for the car to carpool to the tennis match, where I will do homework. So I have to wear my tennis shirt tomorrow but I don’t have to bring my tennis stuff since Zach will drive.

This is gonna be hectic.



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