Story Time


zach: We need to go to the mall.

jonah: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

zach: For graduation stuff.

jonah: noooooooooo

zach: And you have to go.

jonah: As I said before,

jonah: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


cas: LET’S GO

jonah: Okay

jonah: There’s a Toothless plushie in Build-A-Bear Workshop!

cas: NERD

cas: toothless is so cool

cas: is there a stitch one

crea: I’ll buy you one for your birthday.

jonah: Thanks

alex: Toothless is not a bear.

alex: We’re going to the Apple store.

jonah: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

jonah: Actually never mind let’s go


cas: OH MY GOD

cas: DID YOU KNOW APPLE HAS A STYLUS i did not know apple has a stylus


alex: Yes.

cas: and it’s so thin and so precise and so amazing

cas: also there’s no lag

cas: and you can shade

cas: and it’s pressure sensitive

cas: and there’s palm rejection

cas: i think i’m in love

cas: please buy me one

alex: No.

alex: You’d need to get an iPad Pro for it.

alex: An iPad Pro is 600 or 800 dollars, and the Apple Pencil is 100 dollars.

alex: So in total, 700 or 900 dollars.

alex: You’re not worth that much.

cas: hey look i drew a dog with the stylus

crea: I drew a cat.

cas: nice cat

crea: Nice dog.

jonah: Let’s eat food

zach: Okay.

alex: Okay.

cas: okay

crea: Okay.

jonah: What is Zootopia

cas: are you playing jeopardy with yourself


jonah: Let’s watch Zootopia

cas: bunny cop

cas: geddit

jonah: Those puns doe

jonah: Zootopia is the best movie ever


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