Jonah’s Life Hacks #6


Since you’re really smart, you probably already know you can filter things on this blog.

Basically, the search bar and the post format buttons.

But if you want to feel even smarter, you can do it from the address bar. Just add the stuff in the blockquotes after

For a search, add


where search is what you want to search.

But let’s make it more exciting you nerd. What if you want to search for two different things? Or a phrase with spaces in it? Add


where search1 is the first thing you want to search, search2 is the second thing you want to search, and search3 is the third thing you want to search.

You can add as many search items to the list as you want. Just use more pluses.

For post formats, you can do


where format is the formatting type you want to find.

The ten post formats are standard, aside, image, video, quote, link, gallery, audio, status, and chat, although you can’t search for standard.

Now let’s make it even more complicated. Suppose you want an aesthetic for Crea and Cas, and you’re about to bug me to make one okay this example is totally unrealistic the only person bugging me to make aesthetics is myself until you realize you’re not sure if there already is a Crea and Cas aesthetic.

So it’s time for you to search for it. All of my aesthetics are in the gallery format, so you need to go to But at the same time, you don’t want to scroll through all of my gallery posts to find the Crea and Cas aesthetic.

The point is, you can combine those. You can add


where format is the formatting type you want to find, search1 is the first thing you want to search, search2 is the second thing you want to search, and search3 is the third thing you want to search. And yes, you can add more search items. And yes, the post format has to come before the search.

And you’ll get and you can see that it already exists. Cool.

Of course, you could just search for “crea and cas aesthetic” using the search bar but that wouldn’t be as cool as using the address bar. And Alex would shun you.

And also this would only work because all aesthetics posts have the word aesthetics in them. One example, coming right up.

For a second example in case you want more validation that this actually works and I didn’t just get lucky, let’s say that you want to find all the chat posts that Sky appears or is mentioned in, because he’s your favorite. It’s okay. I understand.

This example is just much more realistic, huh?

So you’d need a chat type, and a search for Sky. You’d end up with, and you could read Sky’s chat posts to your heart’s content.

Of course, Sky is a bad example because caps don’t matter in the search bar. So you could actually just be searching for the color of the sky and it could have nothing to actually do with Sky. Sorry.


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