The Chronicles of Jonah, Episode 2: Why I Like Mondays


Ah, yes. The unanswered question at the end of the first and only Chronicles of Jonah episode. Shall we begin?

If you have no idea what question I’m talking about, go read the title. I know, I know. It’s really long. Read it anyways.

We shall.

While most people claim to hate Mondays, according to extensive research read as: rand0m Googling, I have found out that more people like Mondays than those who do not.

Here is my research, presented in a fancy chart to fool your weak, mortal minds.

Results for: I love Monday 148,000,000
Results for: I hate Monday 7,940,000

Exactly. That’s what I thought. Everyone loves Mondays. Therefore, I am the normal one, and the rest of you are all just liars operating on false assumptions.

But that’s just the scientific research, which is pretty unimportant because where am I in it? No one knows.

Basically, I like Mondays because I don’t have any non-school-related classes on Mondays. But that’s now a lie time for Sameness because I have tennis team everyday. So.

Now, the weather says it might rain tomorrow, so I’ll see if it does and keep you posted with another rainy day rubric if it does.

#jonah #jonah_wuz_here #mondays_are_awesome_suck_it


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