Jonah “Talks”: The Oxford Comma


Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with grammar. Grammar Nazi here. But a little less known fact is that I love punctuation.

I’m not just talking about periods and commas although I am so in love with commas you can’t even match me. I’m also talking about ampersands and tildes and em dashes and semicolons and ellipses and basically any other punctuation you can think of.

I know, I’m weird. You should have figured this out by now. If not, welcome to the real world.

But this is not about punctuation okay, it is, but to be more specific. It’s about the Oxford comma.

If you don’t know anything about the Oxford comma, because you’re not a punctuation nerd like I am, here’s the Wikipedia article. Because everyone loves Wikipedia.

Anyways, I use the Oxford comma not because it resolves all ambiguity cause it doesn’t, but because I still believe that commas are pauses. And if you’re going to pause, you need a comma.

Or, as Wikipedia puts it: “It matches the spoken cadence of sentences better.”

And now that you know if you didn’t already, you must choose a side. Oxford comma or no Oxford comma? Put it in the comments.

Let’s discuss. Or rather, debate.

I love commas. I love commas more than every other punctuation mark. I’m pretty crazy when it comes to commas.

Jonah, Jonah, and Jonah were here.

See what I did there?


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