Jonah In Wonderland, Episode 1


jonah: Welcome to Jonah In Wonderland, my newest series!

jonah: Basically, Jonah In Wonderland is about me talking to the Nerd Fam about my life problems. And then they respond, and we discuss things.

jonah: It’s kinda like therapy, but if your therapists all had their own problems and gave horrible advice and were not actually licensed to practice therapy.

jonah: I hope you, the invisible audience, enjoy Jonah In Wonderland, and I look forward to making more episodes of it!

jonah: So

jonah: I am beginning to feel that I’m trapped in a routine

zach: What are we, your therapists?

jonah: Yes

jonah: I’m too poor to afford professional help, so I’ll just talk to you guys

crea: That’s bad for your mental health.

jonah: Shh

jonah: You sound like P.E. health units

alex: Your entire life is a routine.

cas: was that supposed to be an insult or an enlightening mind-blowing philosophical comment cause it could be either

alex: Enlightening mind-blowing philosophical comment which is no longer enlightening, mind-blowing, nor philosophical because of your over analyzation of it.

cas: okay cool

jonah: Basically

jonah: It feels like every weekday, I do a regular text post, and every weekend, I do an aesthetic

alex: That’s because you do.

jonah: How do you know that

alex: I look at your blog.

jonah: I meant, how do you know what I do

alex: I meant, I look at your blog.

jonah: Okay so this is getting no where

cas: And how do you feel about this?

jonah: I feel trapped by my own decisions and unable to break the pattern I have set for myself

crea: That was kinda poetic.

cas: It could be one of those typography quote things that you’re obsessed with

jonah: Me?

cas: You

jonah: So?

cas: Wait I was just joking

crea: I wasn’t.

crea: So what are you going to do to resolve peace with yourself?

cas: Hey

cas: I’m supposed to be the therapist

zach: You are definitely not the therapist.

zach: You can’t even help yourself.

jonah: Relax, guys

jonah: You can all be the therapist

alex: We can’t all be one person.

jonah: Yes you can

jonah: In an alternate universe

jonah: Where I didn’t forget all your birthdays

cas: You forgot my birthday?

jonah: Yes

jonah: I’m sorry

jonah: I only remembered to write about mine

jonah: And Crea’s

cas: Wow

cas: I resign from my job as your therapist

cas: You can’t even be bothered to write about my birthday

alex: Actually, Jonah wrote about homework on our birthday.

cas: That’s it

cas: I quit

zach: At least Jonah didn’t write about International Women’s Day and the Google Doodle for it on your birthday.

jonah: Hey, your birthday is on International Women’s Day

jonah: Okay so I wrote it on my website

jonah: Happy?

alex: No.

cas: I quit

cas: Don’t ask for my opinions anymore

zach: I was never happy.

crea: I’m happy.

jonah: Thanks, Crea


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