Please Join Me For Consider the Following


Distractions everywhere. I’m sorry.

As much as I’m in the mood for a Jonah In Wonderland, I am also really lazy and not ready to voice all my anxiety right now. Sometimes feeling like you have a grip on everything makes you really have a grip on everything.

So instead of weekly posts about homework on my Core teacher’s blog, there’s now a calendar from now to the end of school. Which should be better, since calendars, but it’s kinda making me freak out for some reason.

I do not like my routine broken. And this is breaking it.

In a good way, but it’s still a source of irritation.

Meanwhile, because I’m time traveling as usual that is such an old joke honestly shoutout to you if you remember time traveling, I saw the Doodle. Without looking at the Doodle page.

I’m cool like that.

Cool and stalking Leigh Bardugo’s tumblr. I think you can be both.

Also, consider the following: not opening so many tabs. Jonah, take your own advice. Stop being stupid.



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