Self, Happy Anniversary (Not Married)


I’m back from Disney! Did you miss me?

Anyways, I did a lot of cool stuff and everything was great and stuff but right now, it’s kinda late. So please excuse me because the Disney post is tomorrow.

Today is my anniversary of starting WordPress. I got a notification. That’s why the title is what it is.

Why am I late, you ask? Actually you don’t because 1) you don’t exist and 2) you don’t care. Orchestra concert.

Right after Disney, you ask? Again, you don’t. Yep. Right after Disney.

It was awesome. Crea performed like five times and she was amazing. And Cas tried to help out but he kinda sucks at that so Alex really helped. And I got to get the flowers from the closet because the orchestra kids didn’t have time to.

Zach looked done with everything but he was really super excited on the inside. I know this for a fact.

Now, to study for this math test. Because I missed school, there’s makeup work. Luckily, I don’t have to make up that math test. Unluckily, it’s tomorrow.

Incoherent much?

Am I under stress? Yes. That rhymed. Did the concert relieve some stress? Yes. That also rhymed. But not enough.

See you tomorrow. Wow. Crea doesn’t have orchestra, which means… no waiting outside of the orchestra room while attempting to do homework.

I miss it already.


P.S. I ship Camelfall. That’s not what you think it is.


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