The Real Disney Post


I’m not done with homework. Shh. Don’t tell anyone.

So, how was Disney? You ask, but not really because that happened yesterday too.

Short answer: Awesome, as usual.

Long answer: Okay there really isn’t a long answer because the question is a “how” question. I tried anyways. Really awesome, and probably better than last year because surprise surprise, I know how to do Disney stuff now.

Anyways, time for the million dollar question: what did I do in Disney?

Good question, self.

Okay. Let’s go. Stop procrastinating, Jonah. Get your head in the game.

On Thursday, we left during lunch. And then I was stuck on the bus next to Crea for eight million hours and texted about everyone I knew eight million times.

It was great.

Then we got there. And on Friday, that’s when all the performances and sight-reading workshops were. Between Crea and I, we had no park time together. Which was sad, but we survived.

Yes, we do have other friends who aren’t in the Nerd Fam. Like… Sky. Wait, Sky’s kinda in the Nerd Fam. Never mind.

Saturday was our park free time day. We park hopped at lunch from Disney to California Adventures.

Let’s not talk about what we had for meals on either of those days. One word: unhygienic.

We went on all the rides and we bought stuff for our families. Basically regular tourist stuff, except I got enough Stitch merch that people starting staring awkwardly.

But ohana means family, so it’s okay.

And then on Sunday, we went back. Yet again, stuck in the bus next to Crea while we texted everyone we knew and played random road trip games that we decided to quit in favor of reading fanfic. You know, the usual.

Except we also had a workshop on the music we were playing, since orchestra concert was right after the LA trip this year. I’m fine though, cause band concert isn’t till next week.


P.S. Probably not what you were expecting. Because how do I give details about Disneyland? Everyone’s been to Disney hopefully. It hasn’t changed.

P.P.S. Everyone who comments will get an inside joke replied to their comment. Don’t let me down.


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