The Chronicles of Jonah, Episode 5: App Touring! Space!


I think I said this a couple days ago, but I got a new phone. And it’s super legit.

Anyways, one of the things super-legit new phone that’s it’s new name can do is download games. And what did I do? I downloaded games.

Okay, they’re not really “games.” They’re just apps. Whatever.

I have Hangouts, because it’s like texting but better. Also, not everyone has unlimited texting and some people just prefer Hangouts.

Then I have a folder called “Drive,” which, strangely enough, has Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets in it. Because if I ever want to edit something from my Drive, I need to have the other three apps ready. Fun.

And then Google Translate and YouTube. Which I don’t use as much as I think I do.

Then I have Paper, which is mainly for when Crea uses my phone. And also because I like their note-taking thing, but the screen is honestly too tiny for it to matter.

There’s also WordPress, which I don’t use because the screen is still tiny. The only time I’ve used it so far was when I uploaded the Cynical Sun picture.

Then Spotify, obviously. I need music.

Now here is where the meat and potatoes figuratively are. Plant Nanny and Walkr.

Yes, I understand those both sound really shady. Please let me explain Plant Nanny and also my “minor” obsession with Walkr.

Plant Nanny is a game where you grow a plant by drinking water. I downloaded it since I saw it on a Buzzfeed article and since I’m pretty dehydrated.

So far, I’m growing a dandelion named Leo. He’s on level 2.

I’ll let you figure out why his name is Leo. Hint: everything is a bad pun and nothing is funny.

Walkr is my current obsession. You discover planets in space. Bam. That’s one of my favorite things already.

But then the planets are adorable and animated and that’s also one of my favorite things.

And it’s free all my apps are free. Literally everything I love in one app.

Except… exercise. Yes. I know. In Walkr, you can speed things up by walking. And while I’m lazy, I’m excited for future trips cough Disney cough when I’ll have a bunch of in-game energy and no real life energy.

So maybe I’m checking it every ten minutes but that’s because everything goes by so quickly. Stop judging.

Finally, my last folder is called Games. And there are -surprise- games in it. Neko Atsume which I keep forgetting to check and then keep kicking myself mentally about and 2048 which Alex beat on the first try and is now trying to get to some insanely high number tile.



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