Kinda the long overdue sequel I can spell to Dogs.

Possibly the only Mondays I don’t hate are Mondays when there are no school. You know.

Anyways, am I obsessed with Neko Atsume? Yes. Who isn’t, these days? It’s adorable. I have 31 cats so far.

So, obviously, I had the Nerd Fam take this Neko Atsume Buzzfeed quiz. Obviously.

Okay so I retook the quiz like five times because I didn’t agree with any of my results. I’m probably just a commoner cat. That’s probably why.

Cas is Guy Furry. I should not have been surprised.

Okay so this quiz is not super accurate. Alex took it and got Senor Don Gato first. I made him take it again, and he got Guy Furry, so I made him take it yet another time and he got Senor Don Gato again.

Obviously, none of those are Alex. The only logical explanation? Alex is a common cat, like me.

Crea also got Guy Furry. This quiz is good at telling Guy Furry’s from others, but not others from others.

And Zach got Billy the Kitten. I can deal with that.

I am disappointed in you, Buzzfeed quiz. I want more Neko Atsume cat quizzes.

-Generic Common Cat is out-


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