I’m Back Did You Miss Me


No? That’s okay. I have pictures.

This post is a train-wreck right off the start. Honestly, my posts have become more and more train-wreck-like over time. Train-wreck-like is probably not a word.

Anyways. The important information. The Wikipedia summary. You know what I’m talking about.

So we went to Boston, Harvard, M.I.T., some place in Maine, the America-Canada border, Montreal, and Niagara Falls. This is probably not a complete list. I was way too tired throughout the entire trip to take notes.

However, I can tell you that this vacation was kinda wild. Cas broke my phone screen when he threw it against a rock. Zach lost his jacket. Alex lost his phone charger and used the camera charger instead. Crea almost fainted in the bathroom.

Anyways, enjoy these pictures. And my captions. Or don’t. I can’t force you to do anything.

Sky did not enjoy this picture. I did.

There was this public art thing that we saw during a tour and it was really pretty. Probably more pretty in person, but you know.

I saw smashed watermelon. There were also chalk drawings and a compass. The only logical conclusion is that there was a ritual sacrifice of watermelon there.

Surprisingly, Cas enjoyed this picture. It’s blurry because we rushed to Harvard to get to the seminar on time. We were late.

This building in M.I.T. is like an auditorium except it doesn’t have any poles in it. The ceiling just touches the ground in three places. It’s super cool. I am mindboggled.

This set of buildings in M.I.T. probably made construction workers cry. It’s super cool though.

Smiles are cool. Beaches are also cool. My shoes? Nah.

Jonah Drive should definitely be a street name. I’d live there.

Not pictured: Cas sitting on the fence. Also not pictured: me putting my hands against the fence to steady my phone as I took this picture.

Not pictured: me standing on the grass to get a good picture of this sign.

Bananas were on sale in a supermarket. They were so on sale that they were all sold out. Or maybe they’re invisible. Dunno.

Amusing because walk and bike are kinda opposites. No one else found this funny.

Jonah wuz there.


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